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Qraft FAQ's:
How long have you been around? launched on Sept. 13th, 2011. We are still in beta and looking for as much feedback and suggestions as possible. Please let us know your thoughts.

How does this work?
Qraft allows owners of recreational toys to post their toys on our site for rent and make money on then when they're not using them. Simply create your account and post a toy for rent. Renters can search for a toy in their area for rent and begin negotiating with the owner to coordinate the rental.

How much does it cost to list my toys for rent?
It is 100% free to post your toy. We will charge a transaction fee when your toy is rented on our site. 

What about insurance?
We are currently working with insurance providers to provide insurance for every item rented on our site. We recognize that this is an important factor and will be working hard to make sure all items are insured properly.

What if someone dings my toy?
Qraft allows owners to set a security deposit in order to rent their toy. We collect this and hold the funds in case there is an issue. If there is an issue after the rental is complete, we will mediate between the owner and renter and find the right solution to make sure both parties are satisfied.
***We suggest both parties photograph or video any dings or scratches before and after the rental occurs. This will help in the mediation process in case any disputes arise.

What if someone destroys my toy?
As stated above, all items on our site will come with insurance so they are covered in cases of destruction and theft. 

Can I control who I rent my toy to? can post your toy for rent on our site for free an only accept offers from people who are fully verified and trustworthy. Each user has a profile with reviews, facebook account verification, email verification, etc. We are also working on adding additional elements to help verify their profile including the ability to upload copies of thier licenses along with more extensive user verifications.

When will I get paid?
All funds are distributed when the rental is picked up and the transaction occurs. We will send the money directly to your bank account via ACH.

Where are you based?
We are based in downtown Palo Alto, CA.

How can we contact you?
Feel free to contact us on our contact form.