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  • "I love this idea. I've rented an exotic car before but it was by an exotic car rental business and it was difficult to find. I always wished there were a place to rent all sorts of transportation fun from normal people." - Marshall Wayne - Facebook User
  • "looks pretty badass. Like AirBNB but for planes, boats, toys, etc" @chuckreynolds - Twitter User
  • "Oh boy, this looks fun!" @matthunter - Twitter user
  • "From @nbelluk Hmmm, what shall I rent, a plane or a helicopter?! Qraft - interesting evolution of airbnb" @anthropith - Twitter User
  • "Finally a site whose time has come: rent your toys, including a cruise ship" @wrhgeek - Twitter User
  • "Relay Rides, but for adventures" @tiflien - Twitter User
  • "Ferrari rentals possible :-)Qraft: The Airbnb For vehicles awesome read" @deeptisaxe - Twitter User
  • "Qraft looks pretty cool - where rich people (or any people) can rent the stuff they don't actually use..." @storminwalker - Twitter User
  • "Friends, GREAT CONCEPT . I found your link through Urban Daddy and was thrilled... my kind of place." Doug Altenbern - User Support Email