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Electric Mountain Bike - go 60 miles on one charge!
Los Angeles CA United States Others Motorcycles
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Electric Mountain Bike - go 60 miles on one charge!
(Motorcycle - Other) The Bussetti mountain bike is a top of the line electric assist bike. It carries a spare battery giving you a max distance of about 60 miles depending on how much you pedal. The way it works is you pick a level of pedal assist, e.g., high means the battery will do most of the work. You have a throttle as well, but in high mode you barely have to pedal at all unless you are on a steep hill. You can cruise much faster than a regular bike. Overall, it's a fun way to see the city and be able to go farther with ease. You don't need a license, and it looks far more like a bicycle than a scooter, so if you are on the sidewalk or in an area prohibited by motorized vehicles, you can totally get away with being on this bike as it functions like any other bike when the battery is off.
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